Greetings D3Scene. I am Fuuyutsuki, the owner of Rez Sickness WoW.

Rez Sickness is the place where when you inevitably die, you won't acquire the debuff.

The server is new as of 2014/11/23. The population is steadily increasing and more and more interest is being shown every day.

Some Server Info:
Realm Name : Frostmourne
Experience rate : 10x
Crafting : 3x
Gold Gains : 3x
Rep gains : 3x
Gathering : 3x

Updates that have taken place you might like to see

→The Realm (Frostmourne) has undergone many changes. These changes are intended to offer some variety when the online population does not allow for the creation of 10/25 man raids.


→Transmogrification has arrived, see 'Yula the Unfair' in any capital city to transmog your items.

→NPC: Gorgoroth has been relocated to Orgrimmar and Stormwind. He offers the same leveling gear as previously.


→World Chat is available for everyone. Type /Join World to see what has been done.

→Winter Veil is here: A Winter Veil event has been added. Players can take a portal from any capital city to the event. It is like a new city on its own.

→Battlegrounds have been adjusted to allow starting when two players of each faction are queued. Which brings on the next change:

→(Due to many requests) 19 Twinks! The tools necessary for players to start PvP at 19 are available at the Winter Veil Event. From gear to enchanting materials, everything is availailable. Be sure to see either 'Behsten' or 'Slahtz' to eliminate experience gains. They are located in a hut at the Winter Veil Event.

→Certain mounts have been tuned to allow riding at level 19. Players can find them at the Winter Veil Event.


→Instant level 19 for a character you choose can be obtained in the shop.

→Instant level 70 is available in the store for a limited time. If you aren't one for leveling, go grab it while it's there!

→Players can now teleport a selected character to Dalaran from the website. To use this tool, select 'User Panel', then 'Teleporter'.

If you want to come check it out, click HERE

Hope to see some of you soon and you enjoy the server. Thanks everyone