Feed your The Burning Crusade addiction!

Sick of WotLK/Cata/MoP/WoD?
Want good old 2.4.3?
Need good server for that?

TBC4ALL is perfect server for you!

► Uptime 99.99% unless maintenance is going on.
► We offers players a retail raiding experience all raids are scripted as close as possible as retail with minimal bugs within them.
► 99% of all talents and spell are working as they should and the others are will be fixed. Bug abusing spells and items are fixed very fast.
► PvE not your thing then go do some PvP! All 4 battlegrounds are working! Arena is also working!
► To make things easier for players there are teleporters in main cities to all game locations.*
► Weapon Skill maxes out each time you gain levelup!
► Proffesions level up by 12!
► Flight paths are connected for easy leveling

► Vote System
► Fast growing community. 24/7
► Active and Friendly staff. Development progress.
► Bug support and Ticket look up at all time!

► Website: TBC4ALL.COM
► Realmlist: set realmlist connect.tbc4all.com

Video Promotion:

All we need now is more players on the server!
looking forward to seeing you ingame!