Hello my name is Sifex / Kindakoolman123,

I would like to applicate for a moderator of the Graphics section, though it doesn't have to be all of it, just like requests, or SOTM or something small, I have already applied for the GFX team, but BlueisIMBA, didn't chose yet, for now, the waiting game.

I want to be a Graphics Mod because I don't think we are having enoch activity in the graphics section as far as I'm concerned. I have contributed Lost of Signatures to people who deserve it,

Positive: I am a humorous, friend to have, I will try to be active, and I strive to do my best.

Negative: Parents, (duh), Moving into High School, More homework, and these things may effect my day to day activity.

I hope that I can help more people in the future.
Thank you for reading,