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    GodOfWar's gMod Application

    Hello my name is Christian , alias: GodOfWar.

    I would like to applicate for <Global Moderator>

    I want to become a Global Moderator because of my intense contributions. I have contributed a lot for this community by making a lot of guides (most of them in the World Of Warcraft section) like http://www.d3scene.com/forum/wow-pri...ofwar-new.html , http://www.d3scene.com/forum/wow-pri...ull-guide.html , videos , posting useful threads etc. which helped/helps a lot of people around here.

    My Positive and Negative aspects:


    -Very helpful.
    -Very active/addicted to D3Scene (since I joined I can't live without it).
    -Following the community rules (ok maybe I break some of them sometimes but they aren't very important)
    -Friendly to people also to the newbies.
    -I used to flame but anymore.


    -Sometimes I am immature but not so often now (trying to "fix" myself).
    -I used to spam when I joined the community to get the Premium Member status I must admit that,but I grew up and I've realized that what I'm doing is bad so stopped.Maybe very rarely I spam a post.
    -I'm a bit lazy.


    -Must be at least 16: even if I am not 16 (at the moment I'm 13 going 14 in December) it doesn't matter because I am mature enough to take care of this position and I could be trusted.
    -At least 1000 posts: yes I have
    -250 reputation: have over 1000 and practically I'm a "Contributor" in August
    -Been an active member of the community for 4 months: I'm a very addicted member to D3Scene , joined since 1 year.

    Well I think I deserve to become a Global Moderator here because I'm very helpful and contributing a lot, also well known on YouTube (my profile link : YouTube - IllidanD3Scene's Channel) and I'm advertising D3Scene with my name + at "Website" which can help a little to get more members I guess.
    I made some mistakes in the past and I'm VERY sorry about that...I wish that never happened hope you forgave me HendriK and the other members.

    Thank you for spending your time reading my application hope that I've impressed the administrators , at least a little.

    Regards , GodOfWar

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    Approved and posted on Mod board.

    I meant that i approved the post ;D nvm volund
    Last edited by Stroh; 07-19-2008 at 10:59 PM.

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    He means closed.... he can't approve you on his own.

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