Boudin's gmod application

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    Boudin's gmod application

    I know you aren't looking for a gmod position .. but I think you should. As I can see .. there's 1 or 2 active gmod ... but the only 1 I remember is new .. it's stroh

    So .. 1 active global mod .. I think it's not enough for this big community. Now that Volund is an admin .. he is only working on VB no more taking care of all little problem that Gmod fix

    Where is Blueisimba ?? I don't know .. but he is only popular for his Ask me a question thread .. that's how I know him NoplaN .. he was active before the summer .. now .. where is he ?? .. What about Ganom .. he some time fix report post ... but thats all ..

    So that's why I apply .. because I'm active .. yes I have default .. no body is perfect .. we are humans we are all different each other.

    Yes I had inffraction but for me they wroth the price .. see .. no more acer here .. and what about range ... I don't see him any more .. isn't this community better ?? Me I think yes .. some kids left us .. cause I made them leaving by having to much inffractions ( omg I'm bad no I'm a HERO )

    So here is my application

    Real name: Marc-Antoine
    Born: 25 July 1990
    Age: 17 going on 18 this friday
    First language: French
    Second language: English

    Why should I be a gmod: I think I am one of the most active user here. Since ryan left us a lil bit ..

    My positive points:

    I'm helpful ( in what I know .. )
    I speak FRENCH !! hehe
    I'm active here .. ( ask stroh when he recuit me on gghack .. I wasn't online there .. but always here )

    Well I think you know me .. so you know my quality

    My negative points:

    Well I used to flame but it's always for a good reason
    I am impatient
    I smoke weed :S
    I'm working ... ( isn't it suposed to be good for me .. well it can go in the 2 sections .. )

    And for the requirements to be a Gmod .. I think I have all of it ..

    Have more than 1000 posts .. more than 250 rep .. have 1 years with you ! I'm 17 going on 18

    Well .. so take your decision .. do what ever you want with this application .. if you decline I'll still be there. but I thing you should take me .. I posted lots of important guide in most of all important section ( Counter-Strike, World Of Warcraft are the most played game .. and I posted guides about Ipod and Ps3 that are usefull ) Well I think I did a good job here. I know I doesn't post from now .. but as I told you .. I'm working the summer .. from 6am to 5pm .. GMT -5 ... so that why .. I play on my new ps3 now .. but I'm still here .. d3scene is my first page when I open my browser.

    Pour Hendricius:

    J'espére étre pris je pourrais surment remplacer Blueisimba .. même si je fais moin bien à manger que lui. Je te souhaite une bonne été à toi et à sarah

    Pour Volund:

    Hey le fan de techno j'ai du nouveau psychedelic si tu veux .. j'espére tu va l'aimer. Tu me le diras si tu veux que je te l'envoye.

    Have a good day

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    moved to mod board.


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