Warcraft 3 Mod. Application

This is a discussion on Warcraft 3 Mod. Application within the Application Board board part of the D3scene related category; Hi I'm Syndicate (Friends call me JT) I'm 17 almost 18 (February) and am an extravagant gamer and am inquisitive ...

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    Warcraft 3 Mod. Application

    Hi I'm Syndicate (Friends call me JT)
    I'm 17 almost 18 (February) and am an extravagant gamer and am inquisitive by nature.
    As in if I don't know the answer to a problem, I won't stop searching for that answer.
    I also can type very fast. (almost 100 WPM)
    So there's a little bit about me, but let's get to the point.

    My experiences with Warcraft 3 include:

    ~Warcraft 3:
    -Almost every application including bots, maphacks, hacked maps, hacking, and could tell you how to fix/do any of these.

    ~I love how someone responds to me once I help them with something because I can relate by experience and remember how happy I was once I turned my first maphack on or -finaly- getting my first bot up.
    I am only interested in helping the people and (just to let ya know) I don't need to be a moderator to do that, so if I do not get this position I will continue to help the community of d3scene.

    Thanks for lookin into it guys,

    Syndicate (JT)

    If Liberty means anything at all,
    it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear,
    in times of Universal Deceit, telling the truth..
    Will be a revolutionary act.

    WC3: Synd1cate ...wisper me.

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    Posted on mod board. Await our answer

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