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    Exclamation Speed's Apply

    Hello my name is Speed(thief),

    I would like to applicate for Global Moderator but i think i can better start whit WoW section mod ( if i got accepted) :laugh:

    I want to be WoW section mod because i'm active, like to help people and have much WoW exp becuase of playing wow , private servers, and my own server.Im playing wow for 3 years now and still love itt . I have contributed Nothing atm :frown: But that will change VERY soon ^^
    I like helping people , having fun , and just talk to each other and to look at other peoples releases/ hacks etc and to test them ^^. Negative point is that i sometimes use the wrong words and sometimes people get angry at my but itt wasnt my intention. But i learned to use other wors


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    I wont even post this application on the mod boards, because i know they will reject your application.

    You need ATLEAST 25 reputation and around 100 posts to be a mod of one of the sections..

    Getting the Global Moderator status aint easy, you have to proove that you are trustworthy, helpfull, able to spell and talk appropriate english, and ofcause be a good contributer to the forum.

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