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well first things first.

i've notice all Blizzard security protocals (including the ip;s etc.. etc..) are all resolved to Mac addresses.
they did a mayor update last time. i due infact believe this was or still is my fault.

i never intented to scam... if i would i would have never posted here that the methode is patched.
and also i know every one got their money back via paypal.

now next time i'm going to do something like this. i'll make sure it works for over a month instead of instant distrubution.

and i am sorry if i caused trouble for some people.
i never intented to.

as for my other program, I got server running smoothly.
I'm using github to auto update any progress.
and i'm currently waiting for a big fat security update.. (on the programs i use) i do not know when this will be released.
but once it does i can launch the new updates for "Portraits Unlocker".
If you really didn't intend to scam refund me my money.