First, check this: starcraft2.net.pl/portal/sc2/1/2739/Dostep_do_bety_Heart_of_the_Swarm_wedruje_do.html

there is "psimel" thats me. I Win the Cd key today. They give me it in few (3-5 days) in email.
I will not play this, soo i want sell it:
1. I can create new accout and register cd key next give u accout.
2. i Can sell u only cd key and u can register it to your accout.
3. I can sell my account Diablo 3 Standart Edition (50 milions in game Monk 60 lvl MP3,wizz60 lvl , 250h and 6 others characters ) +SC1+BW + SC2 (+2600 points gold range) and register HOTS and sell u

I can sell it on allegro.pl - polish best trade legal site and give u link for auction if u dont trust me!

Say what u want. Give me a price. I will feedback in few days, who win, or something. Give me price here or PM.