There is my last writing memory cs 1.6 no recoil parametable 0 to infinite enjoy for work u will name to create ReadMemory.ahk lib and WriteMemory.ahk and WriteProcessMemory.ahk lib place to progmfil autohoktey/lib

just run script playing safe! enjoy brothers

Process, Exist, hl.exe
PID := Errorlevel
SetFormat, Integer, hex
Recoil := ReadMemory(0xF15C778 , PID)
Recoil := Recoil + 0x5b0
SetFormat, Integer, Dec
Amount := ReadMemory(Recoil, PID)
gui, add, text,, Set Amount
gui, add, edit, +number vValu,
WriteProcessMemory(PID, Recoil, 5)