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Thanks for your valuable input. What "big known developers" did you mean? Could you introduce their names into the discussion? Yeah i was thinking about picking a company to do it, will consider that choice. I also got a few PMs already, but proceeding with caution. Don't you think that $20k is a little of an overshoot? Im in touch with a few good programmers, who would agree to do it for a smaller prize, but they are too busy to take a fight with the esea client atm. I guess it would require a while to educate yourself in the topic and eventually reverse what you need to. Thats why im asking on the forums, becouse maybe there are people here who already did all the work, and want to make money off selling it? Lets also clarify one very important thing - I am looking to HIRE A PROGRAMMER, not to buy a ready product!
every known programmer that was worth contacting

if you aren't already t3+ pro or got vouched you wont get anything doesn't matter how much you offer

yes $20k is way too high, that's my point. i offer some europoor fag half his years salary and he won't do it because why would he? he can just keep providing it to existing pro's and friends.

zero reason to accept $$ from outsider, another reason every PM you get will be a scam attempt

shame coders can't see the bigger picture, but whatever