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    External Shot delay

    Before I switched to an external cheat I was using an internal cheat which had a shot delay feature.

    This lets the aimbot work before shooting, but will still shoot even if its not a full lock unlike a triggerbot.
    Its more humanised since legit players move their crosshair before shooting, so even with guns like the ak47 you can tell when someone shoots then flicks over to an enemy.

    Since external cheats don't have this feature, single shot weapon like deag and scout lock after shooting which is fairly blatant if you know what your looking for, and triggerbot can make you miss a shot you would of hit because it didn't properly lock and uses a different key.

    I cant code but I made it possible for single shot weapons to have a shot delay using a logitech macro but it would only shoot once per mouse click, couldn't burst or spray. This was done by binding fire ingame to a random key like "p" then in logitech mouse software assigning a short delay then keypress "p".

    Using this method, would it be possible for an external cheat to have this feature built into the cheat but improve it to be able to hold mouse 1 for sprays and bursts.

    Another idea I had was to unbind fire ingame and the cheat would fire normally (like if you held Mouse 1) after a set delay. Dont know if triggerbots can be made to shoot for as long as mouse 1 was held down like a legit spray, taps or burst

    If this was possible would anyone use it?

    If I didn't do a good job explaining myself let me know and i'll try explaining it another way

    This is using the logitech method using an external cheat, keep in mind i was trying to make it as obvious by not moving my mouse at all when shooting
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