V1.0 CSS Public Hack by H310

Credits: P47R!CK, Tetsuo, v3n0m4, aVitamin,TURIOL, Mattdog, JaVeX,Fum1n, H1web, Holz

Status: Undetected by VAC2 at day of release !!!

Hack made by Helo(H310) and thx 4 all who helped ^^

How to:
1. Start the Loader (the .exe).
2. Go into CS:S/DOD:S/HL2DM (Optimized for CS:S !).
3. Join a Server!
4. Press Insert for the menu (Navigation with the Arrow keys!).


-Aim Heigh X
-Aim Heigh Y
-Aim Heigh Z
-No Recoil
-No Spread
-No Flash/Smoke
-No Hands
-No Sky
-No Scope
-Asus WH
-No Visual Recoil
-Player Glow
-XQZ Modelhack
-Big 3D Box
-Animated Crosshair
-3rd Person
-2 Antiaims and a custom option
-Ingame Clock
-Clear Screenshot

dll here

Helos V.1 hack download