• sv_cheats bypass now uses assembly to bypass the var rather than just setting sv_cheats to 1.
  • No Water was added (also using assembly injection, not mat_drawwater).
  • Removed Buy Anywhere (malfunctioning).
  • Wire-frame models has been fixed and also changed to use assembly instead of setting r_drawothermodels to 2.
  • Removed unused display upgrade code specific to the .NET Framework 3.5 (compatability).
  • Updated Protection Class
Bypasses & Fixes
  • sv_cheats bypass (updated - now uses assembly injection)
  • sv_consistency bypass
  • sv_pure bypass
  • Replicated CVar
  • Removes Hack-lag
  • Smoke
  • Flash
  • Shadows (mat_fullbright)
  • Walls & Models
  • Wire-frame models (updated - now uses assembly injection)
  • Red-fill walls
  • Random-opaque walls
  • Reverse Depth
  • Mini-cross
  • Sniper X-Hair
  • No-resize
Radar Hacks
  • Show All Players
  • Player Health Bars
  • Player Names
  • Player Trails
Recoil Hacks
  • No Visual Recoil
  • No Spread
Zoom Hacks
  • Zoom x10
Misc Modifications
  • Third Person
  • No Water (new - uses assembly injection)
  1. No installation required, can be run from wherever.
  1. Delete extracted files.
  1. Start eXode & Counter-Strike: Source (any order)
  2. Set options (with hotkeys or by selecting them from the GUI)
  3. Close eXode (or leave it open if you plan on toggling features)
  4. Join a server and play!
  • Visiting the authors main website will always provide you with the most up-to-date files if not available already at MPC.
  • You must have the .NET Framework installed for this to work.
  • VAC² will not detect the VIP edition unless leaked and/or abused.
.NET Framework

eXode v1.7.6 download