Dear members

Due to problems with my administrator (major ones) the Czt might break apart (coders..our official servers...and our work) - if that is to happen I might become their admin.I could then keep the forums and website or I could move here.

It is a possibility that all the Czt's coders (MuOnline mostly,but also asm,php and others) might move here (we will need a sub section forum) and we will work and dedicate all our work to D3Scene itself.

But this will also mean that we will still have our servers running (WoW,Lineage 2 and Maple Story) and this mean that it would be wise to regard upon a partnership/sponsorship with you guys ----> Also meaning that along with Counter Strike,D3Scene will have other mmorpg servers (professional,been running for months on dedicated systems) :smiley:

So please (henricius especially) think this through...I will confirm of what happens and of my decisions.

Now also...I am soon opening for a lifetime my Mu Server - Faronnia Myth Mu Online.

And one of my ambitions is to have some partnership/sponsorship with D3Scene - it is something I would deeply regret if I couldn't have.Faronnia could also be the official mu server of D3Scene,with a few advertisements etc.
PS: Once got all servers fixed up we can fix up portal with bloack images which redirect to server's web when click on it.

So...please tell me you wanna do this :laugh:

Look,we've been working on the website:

So what can you say?Any ideas or projects about this?