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    GFX Team

    Ok I was Reading What Diesel wrote and im posting this
    cause these are the members that are currently are in
    my group , if you wanna join then Please Post Below 5
    peices of your best work and extra information.

    Current Members


    What we will be doing:
    The idea of a GFX Team is that we are not only gonna be making Signatures
    and tags and avatars and taking request , but we will follow any challenge that a Adminstrator or Global Mod will give us , if it involes making a New
    Banner or Avi for Hend or a signature for Diesel or anything.

    GFX Events:
    GFX Teams will have to enter certain events that are required for them enter
    each event will be either making a Signature , or a Avatar and some times
    a Large Piece of Work.

    What is a Large Piece of Work:
    A Large Piece Of Work is Like a Background or a Stock image or Image
    Manuplication , which means you make your work that will be posted and
    voted on.

    Once again You Can be any type of Member to join , but you must be Get a
    7/10 from all members.

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    I don't know if you misunderstood me but I don't want to be on the GFX team.

    Also I meant that the members that want to join a GFX team find each other, collect 2-3 pieces of work from each person who wants to be a member, then once you find 8-10 members make a large post with all of the work. The staff will then decide if we want the GFX team. Before posting you should elect a leader to post it.

    My suggestion is to create a group (through the user CP) and discuss all of it there.

    I'm going to close this thread.
    Global Moderator, 2009-2010

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