Just a suggestion, so please don't jump down my throat

Inside the General Section, have it like this;


Intro Section
General Chat forum (Sub-Forums: Spam, Debates etc) This way you don't need a "chat" board, and then an off-topic board inside the chat board which is like the same thing.
Entertainment forum (sub-forums: Music, Sports, Literature, Movies, Television etc.)
Graphics forum
Suggestion Forum
Applications forum
Language Tech Forum

I just think in the Chat section, it's too "everywhere". Like, You have a sub-forum with a sub-forum. I don't know, it was just a thought.

I also think the graphics could have it's own section, but I'm not exactly sure how active it is on this forum. If it is fairly active, I've seen this used successfully a couple times.


General Graphics - Talk about your current signature/avatar and about others as well(No flaming). Debate between other members about other graphic editor applications. All that fun stuff.
Showcase - (Sub-Forums: Sig/Avatar, Web Design, Traditional Art, etc.)
Battle Zone - Go one on one. People vote for the better sig.
Tournaments - (Doubt this would work here)
Request/Help -

The General Section part is the part I'm mostly focused on because I think it would clean the place up, but the Graphics part is just something to look at.

Just my two cents