Some way to get new users to Use the +rep and +thanks button

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    YES this what I meant to say

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    Quote Originally Posted by killerwave7 View Post
    Ok, I'm going to try to clarify things up so no ideas are miscommunicated

    From this first post that created the purpose of this thread, I am going to try to rephrase what you meant:
    Many people who come to D3Scene for the first time may not be aware of the +Rep button (Since thanks is only available to 10+ post users) and you are proposing the solution that there should be a more active yet informative way of why and how a person can another person for their contributions. He does not want people to be forced to give but rather make new users more aware of the system and his example of application is for when people download things by other users.

    For those who might be not be clear of Fogest's meaning, he said "he thinks it would really help those users who are striving toward rep" which means that it will indirectly/inadvertently help those who would like to be appreciated for their efforts. Nowhere is he advocating that he desires or that other users only contribute to gain . He was merely stating a possible consequence of his solution.

    The intentions of his message was a proposition to improve a situation that occurs at this forum on a daily basis and I think that it was a good start to try and always suggest new ideas and improvements similar to how Hendricius asks for new opinions on things.

    I think Jolinar understood the theory very well and probably posted the best constructive criticism towards Fogest's solution. I think maybe we could send the new users a message similar to "Thanks for registering!" (just my idea though, i'll try to think of more)

    =DD thanks for reading, hope this clears things up!
    Thank god! Finally something that makes sense!
    You want people to be better informed of the feature here, right? I thought you meant to force users to give thanks or rep before they can download something.
    I believe when you join, you recieve an automated PM, i could look through it and try to explain the feature better?
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