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    Post Game recomendations

    Hi, I'm Rather new to d3scene but I was hoping to help your community grow, So i was wandering if you could make a section for random games, I'm hoping you will because I want to start taking requests for games and start uploading them so people can play free, not mmo's only single player games, I'm Currently uploading Elder Scroll's IV: Skyrim and Mass Effect 3, All games will have cracks and Instructions on getting them started, If you cant by chance make this work, I will unfortunatly have to start another website, however my funds for this stuff are low so i won't be able to make it for a while, all uploads i make will be free and constantly checked, as well as password/add free, i will upload it via 4shared so it will be free for others to download as well, All games will already be organized and scrubbed so that as soon as its downloded its already extracted and ready to go, no utorent or winrar will be needed. It will be just like using the original CD but without a key and a crack instead =)

    ~why i do this/
    I know how it feels to look for a game and download it just to be disapointed and have to redownload, i know how it feels to have to have 30 GB of space just to download and set up a 12 GB game, I know how it feels to end up on sites with frustrationg surveys and trick passwords that you don't see till its to late, i want people to enjoy there gaming and not have to worry about scams or viruses,

    ~who am i? and what do i do?
    Im a gamer, and i find valid game downloads that take hours of searching and multiple attempts to find and download and save them so that if people need it they can have it without worry of that game being long gone or fake,
    Guess its a uploaded for gamers by gamers kind of thing =)

    Plz let me know if this extra page on your forum is possible, also non staff plz feel free to recomend games so i can start searching =)

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    Yeah, I Think it is a really good idea, games like minecraft, combat arms, etc. I Like The Idea, I wish it would happen

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