Hello everyone well yeah i'm kinda new here and i like this forum alot. i would like to suggest some sections for the game so called "Conquer Online" Not sure if many people here knows that's game but it's very popular on diff forums, and i would like to suggest conquer online sections because. i would be the one in the conquer section who would upload things and make guides and things. it would be nice if people in here would actually start to look over conquer online just to see what it is and also for the people who will liked it. it's just a suggest and i really would like to have conquer online sections

And i also saw other community's that's has conquer online sections but i'm not sure if this community will be agreeding for this kinda suggest.

And ofc if it's comes conquer online sections i'll be sure to bring my friends that's codes plays conquer online and helps with the threads/sections i'm not asking for being moderator or anything like that's no needed. Just someone who can take care of the sections

-Any questions just post it i'm willing to answer to anything

-My suggestion nothing else!