www.itemforge.com (details in "Jobs" section)

We are looking for a pro content writers to:
- write descriptions and FAQ/guides (present all relevant info, using as few words as possible)
- add/update products (know all the possible options and their market price/availability)
You need to know game mechanics and itemization by heart (thousands of hours /played and /read in the past 5 years).

ItemForge has sold virtual goods and services for online games since 2012. We are a team of gamers from all corners of the world who chose to earn money by playing games. Unlike eSports, we operate in the shadows and our customers get all the glory of our accomplishments.
We aim to create professional descriptions and to provide the best selection of products for online games at reasonable prices. Although we do not believe in competing only on price, you will still find some of the best deals around. Safety, quality and professionalism are always our top priorities!