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    Blizz Sorc Skill Guide

    Now, this will make you do a pretty great amount of damage, mostly PvM, but works pretty well for PvP also.

    Copied from Blizz Sector...
    ~~~Table of Contents~~~

    Blizzard Sorceress is excellent in pvm but can also do a fairly decent job in pvp if played right. If you learn to master timing and precision you will be one of the most deadly and lethal character in the whole game.

    No ES Stats
    Strength: Use Enigma, Torch, Anni, +str fcr rings, +str amulet and you should have no problem.
    Dexterity:Some maybe a little for stormshield

    ES Stats
    Strength: Use Enigma, Torch, Anni, +str fcr rings, +str amulet and you should have no problem.
    Vitality: Assuming you have a +6 BO Cta you should put points to reach 2k life after you BO
    Energy: The rest after you have 2k life after BO

    Faster Hit Recovery
    17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5
    - - 0 5 9 14 20 30 42 60 86 142 280
    Faster Block Rate
    13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3
    - - - - 0 7 15 27 48 86 200
    Faster Cast Rate
    17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7
    - - - - 0 9 20 37 63 105 200
    Nightwing - Possibly the best cold helmet in the whole game. Socket this with a 5/-5 cold die facet and your all set.

    Sorceress Circlet - Get one with +3 Cold Skill 2 sockets and if lucky fcr. If not that stick with 2/20 circlets

    Shako - If you think you'll be on a low budget then use shako but if you can't afford nightwing then you probably can't afford Death Fathoms. Use this helm for PvM or Mfing.

    Enigma - You will need the Strength for Spirit Monarch and the +%life.

    +3 Blizzard Ormus - If you want you can get +str mods on your gcs, ammy, etc.. Blizzard Ormus gives more damage and fcr but you lose the useful str which you really need from Enigma. Socket with 5/-5 Die Facet.
    Chains of Honor - If you are low on resist and DR try using this.

    Tal Armor - Use this along with Tal Amulet and Belt for a useful combination in mfing. Socket with Ptopaz

    Death Fathoms - The most expensive gear of this whole build. Anyways whats not to like about this massive damage, fcr and other +mods goody. Get an eth or regular one and socket it with 5/-5 Die Facet.

    Heart of the Oak - If you can't afford death fathoms this is your 2nd option. The only thing that you lose is the massive damage that death fathoms provide which sucks. But you can cast oak sage with this haha.

    Wizardspike - Helps when you need to cast faster. Socket with a jewel that gives good +mods.

    'IstIst' Ali Baba - Helps when you mf.

    Spirit Monarch - Undoubtably the best caster shield so far. +skill, fcr and fhr is unbeatable but the only drawback is the high str cost for equipping a monarch.

    JMOD - I dont know maybe some people might want this but if you do then socket this with 4x 5/-5 Cold Die Facet.

    4 Soc Monarch (Ist Ist Ist Ist) - Thats alot of Mf

    Weapons on switch:
    Call To Arm- Aim for a +5 or +6 as it will help your life alot.
    Spirit- Back your Cta up.

    Magefists- 20% fcr mana regen whats not to like about these gloves

    Trang Oul Gloves - 20% fcr but no mana regen like magefists but the 30% cold resist could be helpful.

    Wizardspike Gloves - Only use this if you can afford it i recommend you to not get these as most or all are duped and can easily poof on you.

    Chance Guard - Use these for mfing. Perfect ones are cheap.

    Arachnid Sash- The best caster belt in the whole game. The +skill fcr and mana increase is unbeatable.

    Caster Belt - If you want you can go for these but you MUST!! find one with +str mods.
    Snowclash - Has +blizzard and glacial spike. use this if you can't afford arachnid sash. But this belt is considered BM

    Tal Belt - Use this with Tal Armor and amulet for a godly mf combo.

    Eth Sandstorm Treks- A pair of these can come handy with the +vit and +str. Its one of the all round best boots.

    Wartravellers- What can i say Mf?

    +3 Cold Amulet with +str - I dont know i used this and it was great since it gave me +3 cold skill and +26 strength which helped me alot when i needed to equip spirit.

    Maras Kaleidoscope- Excellent amulet as it gives +skill and resist. Only thing it needs is +life and fcr but you won't need to depend on those too much

    Rare/Crafted Amulet - Find ones with +skill fcr and useful mods like +%mana %regen mana and +str (Of course this is good if your rich)

    Tal Amulet - Again use this as a combo with tal armor and belt for good mf.

    Ring 1:
    Fcr Ring - get one with +mods that give resist str and mana.

    Nagel- DuH?!?!?! Get a perfect one.

    Ring 2:
    Stone of Jordan - The +skill and mana is very useful.
    Another Fcr Ring.

    Nagel- Mf

    Sorceress Torch- Try to get one with high +stats
    Annilihus- Same as Torch
    9x Cold Skillers with Life
    Fill the rest of your inventory with +life, mf, resist small charms.

    Stone of Jordan (prebuff)
    ES Staff/+3 Lightning Amulet
    Treachery Runeword- Fade
    4x Cold/Fire/Light Monarch (for stacking)
    Stormshield (Blocks for lets say barbs?!?!?!)

    PvP Setup
    Armor- Enigma
    Weapon- Death Fathoms
    Shield- Spirit Monarch
    Weapon/Shield(switch)- Call to Arms/Spirit
    Ring1- Fcr Ring
    Ring2- Stone of Jordan
    Amulet- Rare/Crafted/Magical Amulet
    Belt- Arachnid Sash
    Boots- Eth Treks
    Inventory- 1xTorch 1xAnni 9xCold Skillers with Life

    With this setup you should accumulate up to 15-16k dmg 2k-3k life maybe more and 134 fcr.
    PvM/MF Setup
    Helm-Shako (Ptopazed)
    Armor- Tal Armor (Ptopazed)
    Weapon- Death Fathoms/Oculus/IstIst Ali Baba
    Shield- Splendor
    Weapon/Shield(switch)- Call to Arms/Spirit
    Ring1- 30% Nagels
    Ring2- 30% Nagels
    Amulet- Tal Amulet
    Belt- Tal Belt
    Boots- Wartravellers
    Inventory- 1xTorch 1xAnni 1x Gheeds Rest with +life or 7%mf scs

    Cold Spells
    20 - Blizzard - Main Attack
    20 - Ice Blast - Synergy
    20 - Glacial Spike - Synergy
    20 - Ice Bolt - Synergy
    Cold Mastery - Rest
    1 - Frost Nova - Prerequistes

    Lightning Spells
    20 - Telekinesis - only if your gonna make a ES Blizz
    1 - Teleport
    1- Energy Shield - Only if your gonna make a ES Blizz
    Fire Spells
    1 - Warmth


    Bowzons - Teleport around her and don't get hit by guided or multi since your life will go down fast if she hits you. Cast Oak if you need to. Anyways teleport right on top of her blizz and spam a few ice blasts. She should go down to 1 blizz or 1 ice blast. make sure you name lock and i'll have to suggest that you wear a stormshield

    Javazons - NEVER let her get close to you as she kills you in 1 hit no questions. Use ice blast as a combo with blizz and she should go down fast. if you can once in a while throw a frost nova to slow her down. Watch out for lightning fury but if you have high fcr then this battle should be a breeze.

    Farcast Javazons - Farcast is for noobs


    FoHers - Extremely hard duel. You have to hit him with your blizz and fast cause either 1-2 FoH from him and your dead. But aside from that 1-2 Blizzard from you kills him so it depends on who catches who first. Use iceblast if you need to. Or anything that might slow him down

    Difficulty:Noob * Okay ** Experienced *****
    Hammerdins - Really its up to the person your dueling against. Noobs like to think that once he teles on you its over. pssh kill him with a ice blast for all i care. Okay hammers play a little defensive might move to offensive a little and switch off. Namelock can take care of that. Now for the hard part the experienced ones. The desynchers are crazy one second they create a hammer field the next second their on top of you. Be ready for anything in this duel. Try to blizz around their next destination. AND KEEP MOVING!!!!

    Smiters - Try not to get hit by smite alot. Heres where i suggest you grab a SS and put on some fhr. Charge is not fun. Try slowing him down first and namelock blizz/ice blast combo him. KEEP MOVING!!

    Zealer - Not as hard as Smiter since his attack won't stun you but don't duel zealers with a ES blizz cause you'll be drained of mana in no time. Duel him as if he was a smiter

    FoH/Smiter - Ouch both of these guys hurts you alot. Since FoH is your worst enemy and smite/charge will always take you out fast. Duel these guys like smiter except there will be much more charging from him.

    Auradin - Catch up with these guys fast. Namelock blizz him cause he will always run or charge away.


    Summon Necs - First of just remember dont get cursed and wear a SS if you like. Frost nova or glacial spike his pack and namelock blizz him. Don't let him teleport on top of you. Always be on the move.

    Bone Necs - The key is to keep moving. His spears are deadly if you get caught blizzing yourself so don't do that often. Instead try to namelock blizz him since he tends to tele around alot. 1 blizz can take him out. Remember moving is the key.

    Poison Necs (Bramble/Enigma) - Versus a bramble nec is way easy since 1 ice blast kills him. But vs an enigma nec you'll have to use Bone Nec dueling strategy. Make sure to dodge those poison nova as thats all you'll be looking forward to.


    Warcry Barb - Blizz yourself, namelock blizz, throw a couple of ice blast and you got him. don't forget to move around to avoid his namelock tele and warcry spam.Stun might be a problem if you get hit but try to build up a decent amount of fhr.

    BvC - Heh its either you die to first hit or he dies to the 2 or 3 blizz. Anyways these guys are really hard since they tend to prebuff and use fade. Blizz yourself and when you see him teleport or near you tele away since he will immediately try and whirlwind. In doing so he gets hit by 2-3 shards from blizz. Rinse and repeat tactic till hes dead. If you get a chance when he's WW at nothing or away blizz infront of him and move. Obviously he's gonna tele next to you within like 3 seconds or less O_o **NOTE** leap+tele+ww is such a pain try to not let it happen to you that often


    Wind Druid - One of your worst enemies cause cyclone armor can take a few beating from your cold spells. Against wind druid i used bvc tactics since he tends to get close to damage you too. But ontop of that bvc tactic add in namelock blizz as he will at some point tele in to a distance to recast don't let him have that opportunity as he will have to stop. Remember moving is the key vs 5 star opponents

    Shapeshift Druid - Duel like a zealer


    Fireball Sorc - Here the key term is dodging. In this duel you'll be obviously on the offensive and the fire sorc defensive. Or maybe other way around but anyways you'll be dodging way more then he is since 200 fcr firebolt is nothing to laugh about. Get as close as you can and when you see an opening to her attack use it to your advantage and namelock her thats the only way your gonna hit her

    Lightning Sorc - Not as lethal as a fire sorc but still dangerous considering the fact that Thunderstorm will make you extremely angry. But you probably wont notice that since the light sorc is probably closeby and 1-50k of lightning is fired at you. But yay only 1 dmg so just namelock blizz her and keep moving. dodge those lightning streams.

    Blizz Sorc -Boring. Same as you first to get hit loses.

    Orb Sorc - Dodge those shards thats all you have to do. namelock blizz or predict where she is going to be next study her teleport pattern and you'll do fine


    Kicker - Just don't get tapped and she should go down with a blizz/ice blast combo. if she df then she should have a delay period which is perfect for ice blast target. Blizz yourself also

    Whirlwind Assasin - Easier then BvC but that doesnt mean that all of these girls are easy. Use BvC Tactics except there will be no leap.... but mind blast and cloak of shadows.

    Trapper - Wow how about this a girl that throws out traps and mind blast you to oblivion. Never get stuck in a mind blast lock cause that foreshadows death. Always move and try to make a unpredictable tele pattern. If she happens to stop mind blasting go to a side where there is less trap and namelock blizz her and then tele away.

    Difficulty:This means a ****+***** right? ha no....*****
    Hybrid Sin - small chance of winning but you still got maybe that 1% anyways duel her like a trapper but on top of that she has ww with massive open wounds and poison. forget dueling these chicks but if you want to duel her like a trapper.

    While you pvm you might come across monsters that are cold immune. Thanks to the new infinity runeword all your problems are gone heres what you do.

    Act 2 Mercenary Setup
    Helm- Giant Skull socket it with a good jewel like 40/15s or whatever that keeps your buddy alive
    Armor- Fortitude/Shaftstop/Stone give him an armor with good defence
    Weapon- Infinty Voulge or whatever you want the weapon to be since the only thing you really want is the conviction aura but having your mercenary stay alive with good damage is good too.

    After your done with your mercenary you are officially ready to help rush your friend or stranger or plain mfing now lets see who we can slaughter today.

    Contestant #1 Andariel - Okay first we come to andariel. Have your mercenary tank andariel and drop 1-2 blizzard over her and she's dead

    Contestant#2 Summoner - Go find him top,bottom,left,right whatever. drop a blizz and he's dead.

    Contestant#3 Diablo- Don't try him cause alot of those knights are immune to cold and they well maiden your merc so only try if you know you can accomplish it

    Contestant#4 Hephasteus - He has lots of buddies with him so try and lure them away first. Your Mercenary MUST!! be a good tank to beat this guy. blizz him to death

    Contestant#5 Nihlathak - takes a while to get to him but this guy is a pain cause all monsters around him are cold immune so just only aim for him. 2 blizz or maybe 1 and he'll go down.

    Contestant#6 Baal- Takes too long but if your up for it you must have a good mercenary able to tank minions cause i think lister is immune to cold but conviction kinda takes care of that.

    Contestant#6 Pindleskin - have merc tank conviction should nullify immune blizz and collect spoils

    Contestant#7 Eldritch- Same as Pindle but more guys

    Contestant#7 Shenk- Aim for shenk with 2 blizz and its over
    Yes its possible to lld with a blizzard sorc and not to mention one of the top dogs of the pvp lld world. Most of these girls are mostly lvl 30 and when it comesto pvp lld she can take almost any one (stupid chargers). Yes like i said the only problem you'll face is apure charger since 2 hits can kill you and if lucky 1 but you wouldnt want that happening. Anyways onto the gear selection
    2/20/20 Cold Circlet- Badass circlet as this gives you fcr and an awesome +2 to cold.
    Find one with good mods and socket with shael.

    Skin of the Vipermagi- Considered to be the ultimate caster armor in lld pvp. Whats not to like about this armor +skill +resist fcr its almost godly.

    I have mixed feelings here as it is really up to you for what you want but you have two choices. One will be the runeword 'Spirit' Crystal Sword for +skill fcr and fhr the other is a godly blizz orb with +2 cold +3 blizz and if possible fcr (i have one with +2 cold and +3 blizz (lvl 30) only). So its really up to you

    Suicide Branch- +skill fcr resist its a mini version of hoto and its not too bad but a spirit or godly orb beats this.

    Weapon Switch:
    'Insight' Runeword. Lightest possible 2handed weap please cause you don't want to waste alot in strength.

    Lower Resist (Charge Wand)- If possible get this if you can't afford insight
    +2 Cold magic/rare Amulet with good mods aim for fcr

    Ring 1:
    Stone of Jordan- umm awesome ring?!?! only if its not duped
    Rare Fcr Ring- Get one with good mods

    Ring 2:
    Stone of Jordan

    Death Set Sash- I will slap you if you say you can't get this. Go do a few norm trist runs and you'll find one.

    Frostburns- massive mana boost. trust me you'll need it cause of high mana cost for blizzard.
    Magefists- fcr and mana regen

    Sanders Riprap- Good for stats and if you need the frw for those who don't like to tele in lld duels

    Viscruant- Awesome Sorc shield with good blocks and +skill
    'Rhyme' Runeword- Make in a shield with good blocks
    Whistans- Good blocks

    Only small charms. (Life/Strength/fhr)

    Skill Placements
    Hell Rushed Placements
    Blizzard- 7
    Ice Blast- 20
    Cold Mastery- 1
    Shiver Armor- 1
    Warmth- 1
    Glacial Spike- 1
    Teleport- 1
    Telekinesis- 1
    Frost Nova- 1
    Ice Bolt- Rest

    Non-Hell Rushed Placements
    Usually non hell rushed means you play legit so no teleport
    Blizzard- 7
    Ice Blast- 20
    Cold Mastery- 1
    Frost Nova- 1
    Warmth- 1
    Glacial Spike- 1
    Ice Bolt- 2
    Enjoy.. for all your D2 LoD guides, visit Blizz Sector (Click the link at the beginning of the quote)

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