Play D2 from a flash drive - NO admin rights necessary!

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    Play D2 from a flash drive - NO admin rights necessary!

    Hello, Diablo II LOD community:

    Ever wish you could play D2 at work or school but those darn administrator rights won't allow it? There is a solution! This method installs nothing to the computer or registry that it is used on. Completely standalone!
    Keep in mind that this method was created for use on a private server called slashdiablo.
    This method was not designed for regular Battlenet realms! Use it there at your own risk.
    After configuring your D2 folder and default gateway and you are ready to play on the slashdiablo server, follow these simple instructions to play on virtually any computer on any network. NO ADMIN RIGHTS NECESSARY!
    This method was shared by itpgsi2 at r/slashdiablo

    • Copy your Diablo II folder to a USB flash drive
    • Download this file and extract it to the Diablo II folder on your USB flash drive.
    • Plug the USB flash drive into virtually any computer and start the game by double-clicking the file D2port.cameyo-resaved which is now in the Diablo II folder on your USB flash drive. DO NOT START THE GAME USING Diablo II.exe OR Game.exe!
    • Log in using the slashdiablo gateway and enjoy!
    • Here is the original post on that this method was taken from.

    Note: The server just had a ladder reset TODAY due to pressure from the community, so now is a great time to roll your favorite budget MF sorc or hammerdin!

    Disclaimer: Neither myself nor the creator of this method is responsible for any damage to the property or reputation of anyone who chooses to use it. I have tested it in the computer lab at my university (hyper-sensitive virus protection and heavy admin rights) and it passed without a problem (awesome.)

    One thing I wanted to add... on some computers, for whatever reason, it seems to work the best in windowed mode. On some computers running Windows 7, I've noticed that after starting D2 with the D2port.cameyo-resaved file, it takes about 2 minutes for the game to load. And when the game finally loads, I get that "funny colors" graphic issue. If you look for that "D2port.cameyo-resaved" file in the Diablo 2 folder on your flash drive and create a short-cut for it, you can bypass some compatibility issues by adding the -w after the "target" in the short-cut properties. So that it looks something like this:
    "F:\Diablo II\D2port.cameyo-resaved.exe" -w

    Then start the game using the short-cut you just created and it will load Diablo 2 quickly but in windowed mode. In windowed mode, I don't get the graphic issues.

    I know it's a pain to play in windowed mode for some people, but it will work until someone finds a better solution.
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    submitted 3 days ago* by itpgsi2ArmYourself
    Previously on SlashDiablo: ep. 1; ep. 2.
    If Windows is not your thing, there is also Linux-oriented guide by Brian Spiller. If Linux isn’t your thing either, then as far as I can tell you’re a Mac user, so continue enjoying non-portable D2 since I’m not aware of similar guides or methods for Mac version.

    Task: to make a portable take-it-with-you copy of Diablo II ready to connect to SlashDiablo on majority of Windows PCs regardless of security restrictions, unless those are extremely strict (to extent of heavy firewalling or preventing users from executing programs on removable media).

    NOTES: Current version of this guide is meant for a “clean” portable version, without mods or maphacks that is. I will update the guide as I look further into methods of getting maphacks to work with portable launcher. Other than that, expect the portable copy to be identically functional to your existing installation. It’s up to you to decide which patch to use (1.13c/1.13d). If you log in to official with your installed game, its portable counterpart will be all right to connect as well, however use it at your own risk, as this solution wasn’t tested with, and I’m not sure about compliance with’s TOS. Portable launcher is confirmed to work on Windows XP SP2/SP3 and 7.
    This post is a step-by-step DIY guide and a rather long read with technical details. If you want just a “plug&play” TL;DR, basics are covered in this comment in initial thread.
    As all of you may guess, the foremost problem of getting portable copy to work is dependency on registry entries. Copying D2 files to a flash drive is done in a pair of clicks, but we can’t add SlashDiablo gateway to the list, unless we have enough privileges to make changes to Windows registry on the target system. Actually, this is not just about server list. Normal game operation is in question if it cannot reach corresponding registry keys. The good news is we have application virtualization technology on our side . We can add a virtual registry layer isolated from the target system and run Diablo II in its context. For this task I chose Cameyo for three reasons: 1) it’s free; 2) it creates standalone packages; 3) it’s targeted on individual users rather than on IT specialists or enterprise environment.
    Make sure you have the following at hand:

    1. Regular Diablo II installation configured to connect to SlashDiablo. Most likely you already have D2+LOD installed on your computer. If not, install the game and expansion using the “Full” option and patch it as usual; follow instructions in Server FAQ to add SlashDiablo to server list. The game remembers the last server you logged into and suggests it by default, so make sure you select SlashDiablo and connect to it in-game prior to making the portable copy.
    2. Cameyo virtualization suite. Download here. You won’t need to install it; there will be just one executable file. “One point wonder”, anyone?
    3. Registry entries in your system related to Diablo II, exported to .reg files. This stuff may seem advanced unless you’re familiar with Registry Editor application and registry structure in general, but there’s really not much of a hassle.
      • Open Registry Editor (normally you won’t find it in Start menu, one of ways to go is pressing Win+R, typing regedit into text field, and hitting Enter).
      • In the tree view panel to the left, navigate to the following four keys one by one like you would in Explorer:
        a) HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\;
        b) HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Blizzard Entertainment;
        d) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Blizzard Entertainment.
      • Upon getting to each one of the keys listed, right click on it and select Export. Save files to location when you will be able to find them a few moments later, names are not important, for instance go with numbers from 1 to 4. When done, close Registry Editor for now.

    4. Target media. Any USB pendrive or external HDD will do just fine. Copy the entire Diablo II folder from your computer to chosen destination. You will need about 2 gigs of space, but you can safely cut it down to 1.5 gigs if you don’t need videos to be in the portable copy (leave out d2video.mpq and d2xvideo.mpq).

    The usual process of virtualizing an application is installing it into a virtual layer, from where it is then packaged into a single standalone .exe. Now, the idea of condensing 2 gigabyte game into 1 executable is apparently quite unappealing. What is appealing is that Cameyo provides means of creating a blank package containing only preconfigured virtual environment, in the context of which we can start the game.

    1. Open Cameyo (remember, we downloaded it at preparation stage). You can ignore the prompt to register an account, as we won’t be using online features. Go to the Studio page and click on Package editor. When Package editor opens, from the File menu select New empty virtual package.
    2. You now find yourself at General tab of our new package settings. Click Change in the Startup line. In this dialog make sure Specific command is selected, and type game.exe (it is D2 executable) into the field right under. Note that we do not specify path to this file on purpose, as we want it to be relative to package location. You can also add parameters in the next text field, for instance -w -skiptobnet in order for the game to start in windowed mode and skip to login screen right away. Click OK to proceed.
    3. In Isolation mode option select Full access. We can’t go with isolated mode, since our package is empty and the game will need to access its files outside of the package.
    4. Data storage option can be left default. I personally clicked Change in its line and selected Under the executable’s directory. Choices of icon and application ID are up to you. When ready, hop to Registry tab.
    5. On the toolbar inside Registry tab click Import a .reg file button, presented by a blue folder icon. Locate .reg files that you exported from registry at preparation stage and perform import procedure for all 4 of them. We are now going to make a few edits to our resulting virtual registry.
      First, we don’t want to keep video settings taken from our computer, as these will surely be irrelevant on other hardware.
      • Navigate to %Current User%\Software\Blizzard Entertainment\VideoConfig, right click on it, select Delete, and confirm. Repeat for MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Blizzard Entertainment\VideoConfig if it exists.
        Second, we need to get rid of every absolute path specified in game’s registry entries. For this we will need to edit key values.
      • Click Edit registry toolbar button, presented by a blue fragmented cube icon. Confirm your intention (click OK), and we meet Registry editor once again, but this time we are inside the virtual registry snapshot. Be careful, we need to stay inside this node of the tree, so only go down from Registry key, not up. Navigate to %Current User%\Software\Blizzard Entertainment\Diablo II. Edit values by double clicking on them. Change values according to the following table.

      Value name Change to
      DiabloIICD .
      InstallPath .
      Program .\Diablo II.exe
      Save Path .\save\
      Repeat same edits for MACHINE\Software\Blizzard Entertainment\Diablo II. Note #1: the dot in our new paths represents current directory, which is the directory we start our portable launcher in. Note #2: Values listed here can most likely be deleted without any harm to the game, but I decided to go via safe route.
    6. After edits are made, close Registry editor and see how changes are reflected in Package editor. We’re almost done now!
    7. Get to the Advanced tab. We only need to add one thing here. Type the following into Exclude child processes from virtualization text field:
      All Cameyo packages captured via normal install procedure incorporate exclusion of this system process; apparently it is needed for normal functioning of virtual layer, don’t ask me why.
    8. That’s it! We’re ready to save our portable launcher. Select File -> Save and save it to the Diablo II directory on the target media. Give it a descriptive name so you don’t have trouble finding it among lots of game files.

    There’s not much to cover here, you probably already figured this out Plug your media with a portable copy, start the portable launcher and feel yourself at home. Oh, and command line parameters work too. portable_launcher.exe -w will start the game in windowed mode, and so on.
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