<Relentless> Recruiting for Diablo 3 launch

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    <Relentless> Recruiting for Diablo 3 launch

    Yo, you guys may have seen me posting around the forums, Im new to this site. What I am not new at however is running a multi game clan! We are looking for some new members for our Diablo 3 faction. I hate recruitment spam so im going to make this short, well as short as these damn things can be.

    What you get- With Relentless you get a highly organized playing experience should you choose to use it. Or a less intense social side if thats your path. We offer a vent which is public, you may bring your friends into it. We have a website which isnt done yet so im not showing you the link HAHA. What you get specific to Diablo 3 is a group of people working together to progress through Inferno setting. You could be someone leveling characters in the backgrounds in case a hardcore ranking team loses a character, or you could be on the front lines trying to progress. Whichever you prefer we can use. You also receive access to my digital goods services, which means you get a discount with Diablo gold and items, or to change currency from one game to another, this goes hand in hand with the multi gameing clan nicely! ((keep in mind in no way is this mandatory or required))

    What we want- Mature players who appreciate the organized envoirment we have created. Beyond that I ask nothing, if your enjoying yourself then youll want to do more if not, then thats ok to.

    To Join simply reply here, and Ill shoot you the vent info, or hit me up on skype, you can PM me as well but I guess i cant pm back.

    Games we also play- LoL,WoW,Firefall

    We are always looking to expand, if you think your a leadership type or like to admin, please seek me out. Thanks for the read and have a great day!

    ps- typed it fast and didnt spell check sry <3

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