I'm a Corporal in the Marine Corps Infantry, currently sitting on Camp Leatherneck. We are drawing down our forces here but I suppose we are trying to make a statement before we leave, and so our guys are pushing to a southern FOB sometime in the near future (we have not been given the exact date for obvious reasons). I am trying to find a way to get the Diablo 3 beta for me and my buddy. We only need one account as we are on rotating gate guard and are never off post at the same time, so I thought we could play a bit in our off time.

I'm trying to get a key but the AFG firewall blocks Paypal.com on NIPRNET as we share access with some of the Afghan National Army as well as other ISAF groups and they were having issues with laundering money so it's been disabled on our firewall. I've been trying to call my fiance in order to get her to do it for me, but I haven't been able to get in touch with her for a week and don't have anyone else to contact.

Does anyone else have any ideas on how to pay for an account from overseas without having access to paypal? I have offered writing a check and mailing it but the mail takes 4 weeks to get to people here and I'm told that outgoing mail varies.

I'm not trying to pitch a sob story but me and my buddy that I share post with were talking about how much it would suck if one or both of us got schwacked before we get back stateside to play D3 lol. I actually started thinking about it though and the thought pisses me off.

If anyone can give me advice on how to get payment out without access to Paypal, I'll check to see if our firewall blocks it, or if you are willing to take a check or something (i know probably not) please pm me or email me at [adam.a.ray at usmc.mil] (sorry for the formatting, it's telling me I can't post an email address but I'm in a hurry)

I hope I'm not breaking any rules with my questions. I'm desperate as I don't know how much time we have until we push out. Thanks guys, God bless.