Who have stolen your Diablo III account and how did they make it?
Some disgusting hackers got the user database and sold to the buyers, who will classify the data by special software and sell it to the game account robbers. (What kind of software? It is used exclusively when logging in with usersí registration emails and passwords to check the data validity. Game account robbers are some bad guys who will log in game with your data , sell out your items and gold, and even delete your characters.) At last, these robbers will sell your poor accounts to the gold farming studio for grinding gold and items. At least they can be used to yell in game for propagandizing.

What kind of database is the hackersí target? From Battle.net? Definitely not!
Usually hackers like to steal from game BBS, game website, game shopping store etc. The situation gets worse when your registration info is all the same. And then you might get the bad luck. Itís lucky if you set different passwords in different websites. But only a small part of usersí setting same password will bring excitement to hackers. With some specific software, they will get the final valid data.

What about the official account preventing measures?
First, the physical Battle.net Authenticator is the best way to prevent account theft. Why? They work by providing a secure authentication code that's unique to your Battle.net account. After one of these two Authenticators are associated with your Battle.net account, you will be prompted to enter an authentication code when logging into the game client or Battle.net Account Management, adding another layer of protection against account compromises. (Please note that, after you've successfully logged in with an Authenticator a certain number of times from a certain location, you won't be prompted for a code each time you log in. However, you can require Battle.net to ask for a code each time via Security Options in Account Management here.)

How about the IP-change locker? When I logged in game with different IP address, we got game account locked. It sounds good and safe. Unfortunately, it doesnít work right now. The latest way to make this locker invalid appears. When the hacker got your account and password, they will log in battle.net account first and copy all of your registration info including your country, city, zip code and answers for security questions. Then they open a new wow account and log in world of warcraft with new wow account. With your last login time and IP refreshed, the system will treat the last IP as your valid IP address. Then they will log off wow and log in Diablo III to rob it.

How I wish Blizzard can find a way to prevent account hacking against this. I suggest all of Diablo III players get Battle.net Authenticator. Itís the only easy and effective way to avoid account hacking.

If my account gets hacked, what should I do?
1. Youíd better change your password when you were kicked off by inexplicable reason ,and the game shows: the account repeated login, you are forced to log off. If you were kicked off and then sign in again, it tells hackers you are online, they will hack your battle.net account and change your password.

2. The hackers will change your account information if they have cracked your password.At this time, what you can do is to call Blizzard. So set a more complex password-only you would know.

3. When your account is suspended due to bot usage by hackers, you have no choice but turn to Blizzard, they will help you recover your account after confirming your identity.

4. How can I get the stolen items back? WOW, for instance, Blizzard would freeze your account first, and recover your account once your identity is confirmed, everything is the same for Diablo 3, I think.

Here is the summary of the key points and an excerpt from Blizzard:
1. Grab a Battle.net Authenticator, this is the most effective way.

2. Remember not to use the same password for each online account and e-mail, Facebook is also the same. The hackers could get your cd-key and your Authenticator answers from your facebook or email account. We strongly recommend using a password that you donít use for any other online service.

3. Be mindful of phishing scams.
Phishing scams are designed to trick you into giving out your account information, and they'll usually come in the form of emails or in-game messages that appear to be sent by Blizzard employees. Sometimes these messages encourage you to visit a malicious website (which might contain a web form for you to fill out or even embedded software that can steal your login information). In other cases, you may be asked to reply with your account name and password.

While most of these types of scams are easy to identify -- they'll frequently use poor grammar and spelling, or make outrageous threats about banning your account -- some can be difficult to distinguish from legitimate Blizzard correspondence, so it's important to be cautious of what you click on.

What's the most effective way of distinguishing?
The email from blizzard is: Hello Eason, and then the content
The email of fraud is: Hello, and then the content
Blizzard knows your name, but phishing donít know your registered name. If you receive an email with no name, it is 100% phishing scams.