When communicating with Diablo 3 players, community manager confirmed that Everybody Loves Shen issue and she said it was a bug.
How come defeating KEYWARDEN in INFERNO Lvl 60 above with 5 stack nephalem yet no drop key item? Been many rounds on respective location but nothing was given.
Lylirra: What Monster Power level are you playing on, out of curiosity? At No Monster Power, both the keys and the demonic organs have a 5% chance to drop. At MP1, that chance goes up to 10%, and then it will increase by another 10% for each additional MP level.
We're unaware of any bugs with key/organ drops (we've been keeping a close eye on that), and if you take a look at these forums players are seeing key drops all the time. It's possible it's just a streak of bad luck, you know?
In fact, I've been having similar problems with the Act II keywarden myself; he's being a big jerk and won't deliver. /shakes fist
Everybody Loves SHen - "Victory" with unachievable even been through many times defeating Diablo. I constant chat with him to ensure the achievement are in sequence and according...yet nothing. WHY?
Lylirra: It's a bug.