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Hopefully in Diablo 3 they will have added more capacity for your character to store items and gold. It was so frustrating trying to fit everything into a tiny amount of space in Diablo 2, and having to resort to using a mule account or using a tool to act as an unofficial storage facility for your items – the advantage of this being that you could easily then transfer items between characters as and when necessary.

A program to store items will almost certainly be necessary in Diablo 3 if Blizzard don’t rectify the problems we faced in Diablo 2 with regards to space. Hopefully they will have learnt from their mistakes and might offer us some alternative ways to store items.

One interesting idea is that they might allow us to store items in a ‘universal bank’ so to speak – that is a combined stash that all of our characters could freely access as and when they pleased. This would make game play so much more comfortable, and it would allow us to kick-start our new characters by giving them a little bit of armour and an appropriate weapon. It is very frustrating not being able to pick up items simply due to the very small amount of inventory space (and stash space) given by Blizzard. God bless the Horadric Cube for slightly increasing total inventory space…

Do you think it is likely Blizzard will appeal to players’ requests and finally solve the spatial problem? What do you think of the universal bank idea? If not, we could well see a Diablo 3 tool for storage of items, hopefully one as convenient as we had in Diablo 2.
Wrong section dude. But I agree haha