Hello Gamers...
I have been organizing Dota 2 tournaments for normal Dota 2 players on my site since last year, now we have gone official and have organized 2 tournaments on our site officially through steam. So now we are moving towards Dota International Clan Wars - Season 3.

In this season we are also going for some fun matches as well. I am posting almost all the details below so you can decide easily. As this times stakes (entry fee), so are the prizes, so I suggest strong teams to join.

Tournament Matches Playup :

There are 3 type of matches in this whole tournament.

5v5 Matches

► Teams will be registered in 2 Regions. (South East Asia - SEA and Middle East - ME)

► Each region Matches will be played separately. That means teams competing in SEA region will play all matches EXCEPT Grand Finals in SEA region and same is for ME region.

► After we get winner in each region, we will host a Grand Final between Winner of SEA and ME regions.

► After tournament ends, 1 random team will be given 2 Keys as tournament giveaway.

1v1 Solo Mid Matches

This is a show match for fun and to promote good players.

It will be a BO3 Match.
Winner of this match will get a Dota International Stamped Item worth upto $ 5.

All Star Match

This will be a show match and is only for fun and promote good players.

All teams will nominate 1 player for All Star match.

After regional Finals and before Grand Final, this match will be done.

Top 5 Team's All Star player will make a team from each region and this match will be played.

Mode will be All Pick

Prize: **

Winning Team : 15 Treasure Keys

Runnerup Team : 5 Treasure Keys

Keys Giveaway : 2 Treasure Keys to any random team after tournament is finished.

1v1 Match Winner : Dota International Stamped Item for winner (Item worth upto 5 $).

** This prize pool is ONLY when we have got 16 teams complete. In case teams are less, prize will reduce accordingly.

Entry Fee :

Entry Fee is 2 Treasure Keys for 1 complete Team. It includes all the fun matches as well. *


  • This registration fee includes your ticket to all 5v5 Matches**, 1v1 Solo Match**, All Star Match** and Keys Giveaway. You are not required to submit separate fee for anything else.
  • You can also pay registration fee with any single item worth 7.5$ or more in steam community market.
  • In case your Keys are not trade able because of market restriction, you can submit any item worth 7$ or more, as guaranty item, which will be paid back to you when you have submitted keys.

*Registration fee is not refundable.

** Where ever you are eligible to play.

Important Points related to Dota International's Clan Wars - Season 3

  • Servers
    • SEA Matches : Singapore
    • Middle East : Luxembourg / Stockholm / Dubai
    • For Grand Finals, teams should decide 1 server, on which both teams have almost equal pings. In case they do not agree on 1 server. Then 2 matches will be played on Singapore, 2 will be played on Luxembourg and 1 will be random server chosen by Dota International Staff.

  • Type of Tournament : Double Elimination. Once lost, team will go to Looser bracket. Lost in looser brackets, Team will be out of tournament.
  • All normal matches will be Best of 3.
  • Region Final and Grand Final will be Best of 5
  • Team limit : 16 teams (8 Teams SEA Region & 8 Teams Middle East Region)
  • Registration Closing :10th February 2015
  • Brackets Announcement : 48 hours after the registration is complete.
  • Tourney Start Date : 48 hours after brackets are announced.
  • Tourney End Date : To be announced later
    • If the minimum number of teams are not registered, tournament dates can be changed by us.
    • Match schedule will be announced after brackets have been announced.

Registration Process :

  1. Submit registration fee through steam offer to tournament Admin AnaaR_Ka_JuiCe. In steam offer add your team name and this tournament name.
  2. Complete the registration form (click on register link below) and submit it. If you have already registered to any of our tournaments, you need not to submit any registration form.
  3. Once all the stuff is complete you will be registered to the tournament and you will receive a Private Message from Dota International Staff Team here in this site.

Registration Form :

Click here >> Registration Form

All matches will be played Between 1PM (GMT) till 7 PM (GMT). If you can not play in this time, please DO NOT register.

Tournament Admins

They are responsible for all the aspects of tournament and are the key personals. They can change anything related to this tournament. They will also be acting as match referee.


[ϟ] Madox-01

Tournament Team

Wardetta ( Organizer for Middle East Region )
Slapnut (Organizer for South East Asia Region )

yTer-KIO (Referee)
Bao Bei (Caster)
Safi41 (Caster)
Clemensinator!! (Indonesian Caster)

@Lucky (Spanish Caster)

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Proof of Prize Delivery

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Proof of Prize Delivery

Guys in case you need to ask anything you are most welcome to ask me on steam, my site, or here in this thread. Of course steam will be a faster way to your queries.