My Problems with Dota 2

This is a discussion on My Problems with Dota 2 within the DotA 2 board part of the Hot Games category; Hello everyone, I'm writing this thread because I've been playing dota for a long time now and through this time ...

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    My Problems with Dota 2

    Hello everyone, I'm writing this thread because I've been playing dota for a long time now and through this time I've had a lot of difficulties with some of these things that I'm about to talk about and I hope that in the end of it, some solutions can be found. This is a serious thread, so please if you don't have something good to say then keep it to yourself

    so let's start!

    1- how do I deal with players who pick another mid hero or another carry, because they think they are better than me and no one will carry the team better than them? knowing that I already picked and they know that I'm going for this role. this situation bothers me so much and I'm not gonna lie, I get very toxic when it happens and they leave another lane empty to ruin mine without a logical reason. and before you guys start blaming me, I always play the needed hero, never bothered anyone for a role.

    2- why is searching for a game depending on roles not available? it could solve so many problems, and if the argument that it will take so much time, I have no problem waiting 10 mins for a game that all of the players can enjoy instead of 5 mins and will have to fight over roles like 90% of the time because everyone thinks that he's better than the others.

    3- I'm a Legend 1 player and both of my solo and party mmr are around 3200, last 10 solo games I played, I kept getting crusaders and ancients in my game. the ranked matchmaking is unbalanced. why do I have to deal with crusaders who still have no clue what items or hero skills do? I thought rank is there to avoid this? ABCya Adam4Adam POF

    4- why does Tinys Toss still work when players remove the help option from Tiny? picking tiny and keep tossing other people is not so much fun for the people being tossed around and losing their rank.

    5- Valve has been doing a pretty good job with the bans, but in my last 25 game I lost 3 because of boosters against me, they confessed to it, and I reported them, still they are active and valve didn't ban them, people don't normally get 5 stars in 5 days. Matches that are confirmed to have a booster/smurf must not count. people get/lose mmr for this. why is this not a thing?

    6- 2 days ago I got a ban for 4 hours followed by a 3 games of single draft, although I had 4 reports to 15 commends in my last games. I got reported because we agreed to roll for mid, I won, picked and one still picked another mid laner, I of course as I said before refused to leave it to him, because we already agreed to roll and I won, so him and the others threatened to report me if I don't let him, and they reported me later and I got insta banned after that game ended although I had 15 commends before. how is this fair?
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