Hey guys maybe some of you know me from sc2 thread,i have been boosting for quite a while now,recently i have started helping people out in Dota 2 as well,the prices are pretty cheap concidering the time it takes to get the mmr u need.have a look and add me on skype if ur intrested.

10 Placement matches=15 € or 25$

From 2k-3k 1 win is 1,5 € or 2$
from 3k-4k 1 win is 2 € or 3$
from 4k to 5k 1 win is 2,5 € or 3,5$
from 5k to 6k 1 win is 3 € or 4$

Prices are same for solo or party quee,if u have 2 accounts u will get a 25% discount.
If u buy more then 20 wins u will also get a 20% discount

Add me if your intrested or if you have any questions
Skype: Kuzili1