Well first of all, i didn't code this programs. So greets for the owners ! Thank you for making my gaming experience in moba games easyer.

First i will share "keytweak"

Its keyboard modifier wich allows you to change everything, even "modifier" keys.
Because in Dota2 you are able to use only "ALT" as modifier for items and its hard for me because my thumb is always on spacebar.

So this allows you to use SPACE + QWEASD for items example.

Here is tutorial for it.


Here is also download link for exe --> KeyTweak - Free Download - Tucows Downloads

Then there is program called AucT Hotkeys Tool.

I used it in WC3, it allows you to make your own inventory, spells and even invoker scripts for Dota2.
Its safe to use, not 100 % sure about Invoker scripts but anything else atleast.

This program allows you to make inventory binds for scroll example, scrolldown is actually really good for BKB's and stuff like that.

When you use this program, if you want to use one inventory slot like CTRL+Q, just make it in that program and then click same key combination ingame while rebinding inventory it should work. But it appears ingame like "KP_5".

Remember always to click "Reload" when you are ingame, and do not close the program while playing dota2.

Here is pictures and also download link !



AucT Hotkeys Tool (for unregistered users) - DotA Forums

Download newest version.

Have fun guys !