Basic scuba diving gear

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    Basic scuba diving gear

    these are some of the basic things you should have for SCUBA diving, if you are taking a class (recommended) most of the equipment should be provided for you.

    Air cylinder- carries compressed oxygen for breathing, usually made of aluminum or steel.

    Regulator- reduces the pressure of the oxygen in the air tank to normal, breathable pressure

    Mask- allows you to see clearly underwater, should be made of scratch proof plastic or glass, and be easily adjusted.

    Fins- allow easy propulsion through the water, usually warn with neoprene boots.

    Weight belt- compensates for the buoyant effect of the air cylinder and wet suit (especially with an aluminum tank)

    BC- or buoyancy compensator, allows you to control your buoyancy by adding or removing air from an essentially balloon filled vest.

    Snorkel- basic tube that allows breathing on the surface in choppy water without use of the regulator.

    Secondary air source- either a second regulator or an emergency air cylinder is very important to have in case of emergency.

    Wet/dry suit- these suits will keep your body warmer, for longer, even in very cold water (dry suit) make sure your's fits very well

    Dive log- should come with US Navy dive tables (if in US), very important for planning dives

    Dive Console/Computer- used to figure out depth, directional heading, and other vital information about your dive.

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