Todays' relationship between dogs and their owners has changed dramatically from the days of old. Sure, they still stand guard over you and your family, and occasionally they still chew up that favorite pair of shoes. However, no person on earth has been able to display the type of unconditional love that our wonderful pet bestows upon us every day. Despite the difficult and trying process of house training and the sometimes long hours left alone while we are working, our beloved dogs eagerly wait for us to walk through the door, ready to snuggle up and help us unwind from a tough day at work. Sometimes a person's best friend is the one with four legs and a wet nose.

With our growing love for these faithful companions it is no wonder we began to pamper and treat them to the finer things in life. From clothes to toys, special shampoos and beds, dogs are becoming increasingly more and more like our own children.

There are many online companies specializing in designer products for your dog where you can purchase items specifically designed to help you and your dog express that wonderful personality that has so endeared them to your heart. You can find a large array of pampered pet products such as suede sheepskins collars and leashes for that urban dog that enjoys treks through the parks or the occasional works outing. For the more sophisticated dog, you may prefer the stunning Swarovski crystal collars and leads that are available. Owners can also find the perfect little outfit for their best friend, including PJ's for your little canine baby to snuggle into for a good night's rest.

In addition to clothing and accessories, online pet boutiques often feature fashionable dog beds, from faux suede dog mattresses and dog hammocks to padded beds and cradles. These boutiques often also feature dog bowls and bowl mats so that your pet can enjoy sleeping and eating designer style.

As with humans, before getting all dressed up in their new chic clothes for a day at the park, your dog might like a good grooming to make him or her look their best. Why no try grooming products that will deliver professional results, making your dogs coat shiny and velvety soft? Some products are designed to condition dry coats, ward off summer flea and mosquito attacks, and there are even detangling shampoos and leave in shine treatments that will smooth away those troublesome stray strands, leaving beautifully soft fur.

When it comes to pampering your dog, there really is no limit to style, design, or product for your fuzzy buddy. After all, your dog deserves the same amount of love and attention they show you every single day. If your dog is a very special part of your life, then from time to time you might like to seriously pamper your pet. Although be sure not to over-pamper your dog and make your family jealous.

Doesn't your dog deserve the best of everything?