The Trijicon optic systems are the leading innovators in tactical scope technology. In the beginning of Trijicon they relied on personal innovation, instead of military contracts to develop their technology. In 1981 Trijicon released their version of the red dot scope, which used tritium-illuminated red dot systems. By 1985 Trijicon night sights were available to the general public, which was the first US NRC approved tritium iron rights for handguns available in stores. By 1987 the Trijicon ACOG (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight), was included in the US Army advanced combat rifle program.

By the time 1989 hit, Trijicon produced scopes for Operation Just Cause, in Panama. At that point Trijicon became a must have within tactical units of SWAT and military operations. Now you can find a Trijicon ACOG system on almost every M4 rifle in service. The Trijicon sights are now used by a handful of militaries around the world, with the innovation of fiber optics, water proofing, and anti-fogging, making these scopes the first of their kind, without a cent of tax dollars to produce these remarkable optic systems.

Now you can find the Trijicon ACOG out of the realm of combat, and moving into the realm of tactical shooting competitions. A number of competitions where speed, distance, and accuracy are accounted for your total score, these optics have taken charge. Historically the American civilian market has never been far behind the government issued firearms configurations, and that is still true today. Featuring a price tag of anywhere from around seven hundred dollars to twice that, itís no wonder they arenít featured in every gun shop across America.

The primary customers have been competitive shooters; donít look at it as a large price tag, but more as the price of the advantage. Despite the fact the Trijicon ACOG is the most researched optic system; the Trijicon night sights for pistols are still the backbone of total sales for Trijicon.

The wide range of firearms night sights Trijicon makes is probably why rivals havenít managed to tarnish this fact. From 1911 pistols to Remington long guns, the Trijicon sights can be found providing the same level of precision you can rely on with Trijicon sights. Most Trijicon sights can be attached by your local gunsmith in less than five minutes, making these sights a great addition to any firearm, transforming practical to tactical in no time at all.

Now the Trijicon night sights can be found on every FBI issued firearm, as well as deployed military M4. So I believe itís pretty safe to say this innovator isnít going anywhere anytime soon. After twenty six years of optic development Trijicon is on top of their niche market, with no signs of slowing. As a former service man myself I couldnít be happier to see Trijicon making the American dream reality, without dipping into tax dollars. In conclusion the Trijicon sights have a wide range of uses and products from self defense, concealed carry, to military operations Trijicon is sure to stay in the game.