In Blade and Soul, you can choose to join either the Cerulean Order or the Crimson Legion, which are in the Earthly Realm. These two factions regularly fight against each other because of the great difference in philosophies.

In the open World PvP areas, you can kill enemy NPC or complete some objectives to gain PvP points. But you have to run back to base to turn in. The more points you hoard up before you turn in, the better rewards you will get. However, if you get killed before you turn in, the player who killed will take all of your point and Blade and Soul Gold
, which is the biggest incentive for players to kill others during the open World PvP. You can Buy Blade and Soul Gold
, items, CD keys and Power Leveling in

If you want to join the World PvP, you should open the map and look for faction symbols and reach there with a faction uniform on. In some version of Blade and Soul, there are large scale PvP contests for players to joining a mega instance and competing in a much more heated battle. However, these big guilds end up monopolizing these trades and trading winners with each other.