Hey , guys yes I write sometimes , So tell me whats good , what's not good , and tell me what . If you like the first one. I could put up more on my blog. and do not STEAL IT. my words my soul

I know it should not be in this thread but in the Literature section. But a lot of people check out these threads. So I put it here if you do not mind = /

-----------Not tittle--------------

Sometimes the most innocent live and sustain a constant pain

They once breathed and lived so comfortably

Suddenly we blink and the once beautiful land

The birds die , the trees starts to burn ,

Ashes surround the land blew by the wind,

Dark clouds come upon the sky , were dark tainted blood rains

As you walk this road and feel so determined

No matter how hard you try to skip the traps

Pain grabs you and starts to contract .

Your heart starts to pump fast , tears shed down your face , you try to get away

But sadly and suddenly you see the world as a dark place

You scream for help , you run to find a door trying to escape

But sometimes you run out of luck

You get hit badly but the truck

You can no longer move hurt feeling so bitter

Because certain who face reality , cannot bear to feel what hurts the most

Drugs for them is the anwser thinking they will feel better

Sinking them lower in the ocean,

The more you take the deeper you find yourself in the sombre water as you loose oxygen

You try to reach the surface seeing the water glimmer , but you keep going lower and lower

You drift away and the only way to free your self , is sometimes jumping getting hit by the train

We all live success but sometimes threw our journey

Pain attempts to bush us back , sometimes destroying what we once had

Leaving us to reminisce having such regret

Some look threw the mirror but for some reason they are blind ,

To all whom have a friend or family drifting from reality

Do not let them rot in the dark , no matter what

Be kind each out for them as maybe you are their only Hope

To live breath or cherish life and what it has to offer

After Riding , give me an opinion a suggested tittle:smile:

Thank you