you may or may not of heard dane cook and his routine about calling the numbers you see in stalls.
i though it would be funny to do that, and being the rekless person i am, i went to my local public restroom, and went into a stall, and started reading the wall, but then i realized that a chick wouldnt write inside a men's room i was like -damit- so i am sitting there and my friend whos outside txts me asking if i had got any numbers, and i told him about the problem, and he goes, "o ok well um hold on" so i am like ok......
a minuate later he txts me agian and says,
"found a number bla bla bla call her"
i txted back ".....ok ill call but do you think shes hot, i kinda need a mental image on who i cam speaking to"
he txts back, "well it says i am a lesbo, fuck me -number-"
and i txt back " i ant want no lesbo"
and he txts back "give me a minuate"

next week i come to school and i am admiring our female population and i nudge him and say "ant she hot" and hes like not as hot as mine.......and i am like sense when did you get a ho?
he says "remember that chick i called in the stall?"

i met her a week later......she was in lamest terms hot.

sigh* me and my dumb comments.