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This is a discussion on Stealth Gamers Orginization within the Entertainment board part of the General category; The Stealth Gamers Organization is a new clan for the very popular FPS game, Counter Strike: Source. We have a ...

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    Stealth Gamers Orginization

    The Stealth Gamers Organization is a new clan for the
    very popular FPS game, Counter Strike: Source.
    We have a teamspeak server, and a CS:S Server, and you will have access to all of this information and more once you decide to join.
    If you are interested in joining, please heed the following information:

    Quote Originally Posted by
    Welcome to the Stealth Gamers clan Counter Strike: Source devision. You are most likely a member of this clan already to have been invited to this group, so I thank you for joining and hope your experience with us so far has been good. Final Battle Ground is a way for players and clans alike to compare, battle, and gain statistics. Plinks are a way that Final Battle Ground collects statistics. Every time you make a kill on a server that Final Battle Ground supports, you will gain some amount of Plinks. The clan needs these plinks for our ranking against other clans and so we know where we stand. You can check how many plinks you have by checking for FBG profile, and you can donate them to us in your profile or in-game by typing, "!pldonate all"

    __________________________________________________ _______________

    -1) Register on the forums. (Stealth Gamers)
    -2) Post your application in the application forum.
    -3) Make sure you use the provided template.

    __________________________________________________ _______________

    -1) Promotions occur based on forum activity and game activity.
    -2) Not at all on skill.
    -3) Do not ask for promotions.
    -4) Wait your turn for promotions.
    -5) Follow the rules and you will have a good chance.

    __________________________________________________ _______________

    -1) Do not use inappropriate language toward others.
    -2) Hacking is not acceptable and will result in a ban.
    -3) We take hacking seriously, so demos will be sent to valve.
    -4) Attend as many of the clan events as possible.
    -4) The clan tag is -{S|G}- wear it wisely.
    -5) Be polite on other servers with our tag on. Don't make us look bad.

    __________________________________________________ _______________
    Using this information, I hope that you enjoy playing our clan and that you will abide by the rules and apply to join.
    We now also have a Final Battleground profile, and a steam community profile!
    Stealth Gamers Steam Community Group
    Stealth Gamers Final Battleground Profile

    Thank you for your huge support,
    Biowaste, (Hallowsend)

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    Hehe nice community

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