so encase any of you haven't heard or came across any news relating to you tube and viacom ill enlighten you. viacom is accusing the wildly popular video-sharing site of "massive intentional copyright infringement" and seeking more than $1 billion in damages. youtube has videos demoing and promoting viacom products, it doesn't have any full viacom products.

below are some opinions and fact about the case.

  • for an example ill use real news (YouTube - therealweeklynews's Channel) lets, say you went to a store and before you get into the store they told you they were going to search your pockets and you purse, before you entered the store. would you ever shop there again? now lets take it a step further, not only are they going to search your purse, there going to walk you out to the parking lot and search your car as well. would you ever shop there again? but not only are they going to search your purse, or you car, there going to take you home and search your closet and computer files, would you ever shop there again? probably not, (i sure as hell wouldn't) so why is viacom so dumb? who knows but a little advice for them, get your lawyers and pr people in the same room because they need to have a really serious talk about what there doing.

  • "if viacom is going to fuck with you, you fuck with viacom" was suggested by one angry youtube user. but its not just one user anymore, like an infection, millions of youtube users are boycotting viacom. so viacom will have a choice to make, give up the lawsuits or face a rather grim net profit chart and try and figure out a way to save money. dont get me wrong, viacom wont go bankrupt, (hell there making over a 1.6 billion in profits) but they will have some very though decisions to make very very soon.

  • The lawsuit included several petitions. Those were:

  1. Production of Google's search code. (denied)
  2. Production of Google/YouTube's "Video ID" code. (denied)
  3. Copies of all videos once available on YouTube, but later removed. (granted)
  4. Production of YouTube's "logging" database, which included user's unique login ID, time each video was watched, IP address and the video's identifier. (granted)
  5. Production of "User" and "Mono" databases, which include information about all YouTube videos including title and keywords, comments, whether it was flagged as inappropriate and if any action was taken in response. (denied)
  6. Production of Google Advertising Schema. (denied)
  7. Production of Google Video Schema. (granted)
  8. Production of all copies of videos marked "Private" but which may have been shared with the public. (denied, only non-content data can be provided)[7]

so....whats your opinion? love viacom (stfu) hate viacom? let me know