First.. On the news last night was a report of a man who donated his kidney to his wife so she could live. Some time later she cheated on him. Now he is sueing her for millions of dollars or the kidney back!?

2nd this was just on yahoo..

[[A contestant on The Biggest Loser has been arrested for allegedly assaulting a housemate with a bag of flour.

The same day that the NBC reality show debuted, Shanon Thomas, 30, was charged with domestic violence Tuesday, according to the Detroit Free Press.

If convicted, she could face more than three months in jail.

According to police, on Dec. 16, Thomas assaulted a man who lived in the basement of her suburban Detroit apartment building after he had the TV volume too high.

She is alleged to have "kicked open the door" to his basement apartment and threw flour in his face, damaging some of his personal property in the process.]]

I would not mess with this big girl :shocked: