If the time-tested and proven solution recommended by the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) is honestly implemented with due effort to a specific time-frame on a war footing, then several agencies will be willing to take the responsibility of solving the housing and slum problems in and around the city of Trivandrum. It is, therefore, for the Government of Kerala, the housing bodies, the managers of the various developmental programmes, the common public, the social workers, the technocrats and all other well wishers and thinkers to act.

The leading NGOs have done their part by making significant technological and professional contributions with supreme sacrifice and dedication to fulfill their fundamental duties and professional obligations towards the society, country and for the progress of science and technology. This is amply evident in the work undertaken by them in the various parts of the city.

To speed up the developments in real estate Trivandrum district’s urban development authorities are now hiring the services of the prominent NGOs that are having years of experience in the housing development sector. The Nirmithi Kendra and its efforts in low-cost housing development are well known, even though it is an autonomous body. Similarly, Cost Ford has also made a name for itself in the low-cost housing development programmes. This NGO has been influenced much by the work of the renowned architect Laurie Baker.

With the increase in land prices, obtaining land at such exorbitant prices is not at all possible for the NGOs. Thus, they are associated with community development programmes and other housing related activities funded by the government. Almost all the NGOs are active in spreading the concept of low cost housing. Due to the high cost of building construction materials, this concept has many takers now.