For those that don't know, awhile back there was a program called MapleStealer that would let its users configure a fake meso generator that would post account information it received to a shoutbox online. You can tell if a MesoGenerator was created by MapleStealer if it also came with a file called Iewoh.dll. Using this program, you can exploit the Iewoh.dll to view the log files of generated 'Meso Generators'. (Sorry if this explanation is bad, I don't know how else to word it)

meso generator - Google Search
YouTube - meso generator

That's why I made this, which will let you view the log files of anyone's MesoGenerator that was created using MapleStealer. To use it, first find a MesoGenerator on the net, download it, then extract it if it is a .rar file. Open up this program and press the Load button and choose the Iewoh.dll that corresponds with the MesoGenerator you downloaded. An url will appear in the bottom textbox.

MesoGen Log Viewer.rar

Virustotal. MD5: 8d20fbada3898c3182e4b335857d9a7b

Hopefully this will discourage the use of MapleStealer more.