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    The Development network, BnetDev, is a community dedicated to the production, and release of bots and utilities. Our main focus is the development of Chat and Moderation bots (Our two main bots of this type are Miragebot, and Forsaken Ops). Other than a wide variety of programmers, we also have a dedicated extension development staff, working on either porting, or creating from scratch many scripts and plug-ins for Miragebot and other BnetDev releases.

    Among our programs are the following:

    Miragebot [Link] – Miragebot is an advance multi-profile, multi-client chat bot. It offers extreme customization in the forum of scripts, plug-ins, themes, and styles, as well as a plethora of features. While its main focus is chat, it also offers some very handy moderation features. Below is a detailed description of some features:
    • Themes - Allows you to customize the look of the bot, by adding images, changing colors of forms, adjusting size.
    • Styles - Allows you to customize the colors used in the chat screen, and user listing.
    • Plug-ins - Miragebot is equipped with an advanced plugin system, allowing you to extend the capabilities of the bot. Supports VB6, or any COM .DLL. BETA
    • Scripts - Miragebot is equipped with a scripting system, allowing a lesser extension than that of Plug-ins. Supports VBs/JS. BETA
    • Smilies - Ability to enable, and customize smilies.
    • Icons - Ability to change icons used in user list.
    • Warden Handling - Responds to the 0x5E Warden packet, bypassing dropping in channels.
    • Multiprofiles - Allows over 30 profiles (Profiles are limited to keep RAM down).
    • Multi-client - Supports all games that are non-legacy, though legacy clients might be added.
    • ProfileSync - Allows you to enter a global profile, which will write all profiles with this feature enabled.
    • Profile Navigating - Allows you to use CTRL+Right/Left Arrow to navigate through your profile list.
    • Realm Login - Allows you to connect to Diablo II, and login to closed characters.
    • Auto-Realm Login - Allows you to automatically set a character to login as.
    • Automatic Features - Auto-Load, Auto-Connect, Auto-Hide, for instant profile organization.
    • Smart Filtering - Mirage has a system to automatically detect loads/floods, and filters out attacks, while keeping RAM usage a priority. BETA
    • Proxy Support - Mirage supports Socks4 and Socks5 proxies.
    • Clan Management - Options for managing your clan through the bot.
    • Custom Ranks - Rather than a numeric access system, used by dated bots such as Stealth, you can customize ranks, or add ranks, allowing for easier organization.
    • Groups - Adds the ability to add people to groups, so that you can color their name in user list and chat window, for easier reading.
    • Tags - Allows you to tag users or channels.
    • Game Listing - Allows you to do /games, to print to screen a current list of games.
    • Focus - A feature to make chatting easier in a busy channel, outputting <name>: in front of your message.
    • Filter - A system to filter messages from users or a certain message.
    • Chat Logging - The option to log as HTML, or RTF.
    • Connection Type - You can choose to connect on hashing, or via BNLS, VBLS, or JBLS server.
    • CDKey Cycling - Cycles through a list of keys, in case of muted/banned keys.
    • Proxy Cycling - Cycles through a list of proxies, finding one that works.
    • BNLS Cycling - If BNLS connection is chosen, it'll cycle a list of customized BNLS servers, till it finds one that is working.
    • Customized Queue - The ability to customize the speed at which messages are sent.
    • Event Filtering - The ability to filter out certain events (Join/Leave, Ban, Kick, Emote).
    • Packet Logging - Useful for finding problems, or just to learn the packet structure of
    • Fonts - Ability to customize text to any font used on your system.
    • Many more features!
    Forsaken Ops [Link] – Forsaken Ops is a multi-profile moderation bot, with Diablo II and Warcraft III support. Forsaken Ops sports a custom load-balancing, queue-handling, external chat server (Separate from, that allows bots to act as a master/slave system. Forsaken Ops is soon to be updated to the new version, Aurora.

    Below are some of its key features:

    • Sovereign Chat – Sovereign, an external chat server, allows custom channels, custom operators, and provides support for users.
    • Queue Sharing – Forsaken Ops has an unique queue system, that will share the queue between all other Forsaken Ops currently flagged as an operator.
    • BNLS Cycling – If the BNLS server you are trying to connect to is down, it will cycle the BNLS till it finds one that is currently up.
    • Constant Filtering – Forsaken Ops, rather than having an active filtering system (Activated on load/flood), constantly filters, as to prevent excessive lag on the bot.
    • One Database – Forsaken Ops profiles all share a database, keeping maintenance nice and simple.
    • Load Balancing – Forsaken Ops balances the loads for profiles/bots using the Sovereign server. It will detect the required information, and then send it to the bots, making the bot stable in all situations.
    Midnight Chat [Link] – Midnight Chat is a multi-profile, multi-client chat bot, that is much simpler than Miragebot. While simpler, it is still a powerful utility for

    • Multi profile – Midnight Chat supports multi-profiles, allowing up to 8 connections per realm.
    • Warden Support (WAR3 and STAR) – Midnight Chat comes equipped with a warden handling system, allowing for WAR3/STAR to bypass Warden in channels.
    • Custom Themes – Allows you to customize the display of your bot, making it suite your individual tastes.
    • Uptime, Winamp, Custom Idle – Allows you to choose between idle types.
    • Channel List Menu’s – Provides a menu that is accessible by right clicking names in the channel listing.
    • User profile – Midnight supports profile viewing, for easy tracking of accounts.
    • Simple Command System – Midnight focuses on simplicity, so rather than many commands, it has the minimal commands required for frequent use.
    • Custom filters – For handling of loads and floods, to cut down on excessive RAM/CPU usage.
    • Winamp control – Allows for Winamp to be controlled inside the bot, rather than tabbing to Winamp.
    • Whisper windows – Allows for whispers to be separated into a window, for easier tracking.
    • Event Filtration – Midnight Chat allows for individual event types (Emote, Join/Leave, Ban, Kick), to be filtered, for a cleaner chat display.
    • Timestamps – You can choose between 24-hour stamps, or 12-hour civilian stamps.
    • Account registration – Supports new account registration.
    • ProfileAmp – Allows you to automatically write your Winamp song, to your profile.
    • Profile Maintenance – Allows for profiles to be unloaded, renamed, or deleted.
    Opal CDKey Analyzer [Link] – Opal is a CDKey testing utility, created for the testing of non-expansion game keys. It currently supports: Diablo II, Starcraft, Warcraft II, and Warcraft III. Expansion support is planned at a later date.

    BNLib [Link] – BNLib is a Control Library, similar to BNCSUtil, or MBNCSUtil (C#). It is being developed for the purpose for easier development for the many programmers on, as most libraries are outdated, or missing features.

    While these are the main programs offered by BnetDev, we are always adding more to our list. We also supply areas for programmers to post their work, or hype it up, so there is usually new content being added, and you can usually find the resource you are looking for.

    Site Links: – Below are some links of interest for anyone who might want to visit the site.
    Site News
    MirageBot News
    Forsaken Ops news
    MirageBot Support
    Forsaken Ops Support
    Midnight Chat Support
    Opal CDKey Analyzer Support
    Programs Forum
    Project Development
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