Crusoe : A petition to save the TV Show from Cancelation
Well this is the best tv show i've seen untill now and i feel like i cant just stay and watch how nbc (Censored) everything up!

About crusoe: Crusoe is a television adventure drama based on the novel Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe. The series' 13 episodes aired on NBC during the first half of the 2008-2009 television season. It follows the adventures of Robinson Crusoe: a man who has been shipwrecked on an island for six years and is desperate to return home to his wife and children. His lone companion is Friday; a native who Crusoe rescued and taught English.

-Here you can see the complete first season for free(site-ul oficial) S01E1-13
-This is the Crusoe's official websiteCrusoe-NBC Site
-Here you can sign a pettition to save crusoe from cancellation Crusoe: A petition to save the tv show from Cancelation
-Here you can download the episodes Crusoe- Season 1 episode 2-13
Crusoe and Friday are too characters that you will get to like ,i am sure of the first place when i heard the name of crusoe i said"ye crap" but after i watched 2 episodes i just couldnt stop watching next and next and next :o :o
Thanks for reading
I really love this show and i hope that posting this on every forum i have an account(eventualy i will create accounts on forums that i am not registered yet) will get some new fans for Crusoe and along with the fans some Votes/Sign's on that Petition ! Thanks for reading

I dont need any flamewarr so if you dont got anything nice to say keep it for yourself