A Reminder On Ranks

This is a discussion on A Reminder On Ranks within the Entertainment board part of the General category; I have been seeing a trend as of late, it is time to address it. Please remember, you are given ...

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    A Reminder On Ranks

    I have been seeing a trend as of late, it is time to address it.

    Please remember, you are given a rank on d3scene because of hard work, dedication, and helping others.

    A few things I would like to hit on are:

    1. You are not entitled to any rank here, just because you are a premium member doesn't mean we think you will be a good moderator. This also works the other way, if we see potential we may overlook some requirements .

    2. A rank means we trust you, you worked hard. It does not mean you are better than anyone else on d3scene. We may promote a Elder user to moderator over a Premium, based on merit.

    3. We recognize a hunger for power. If you are power hungry, we can tell... and we will be less likely to give you any power. The best way to gain power is to be more concerned about helping others than raising your own image (whether with reputation or promotions). That is what will stand out the most, not how much rep you have.

    4. We know people can change! If we reject you, this does not mean if you are more active, and change your act, that you cannot reapply and be accepted. However after being rejected, step back, take a deep breath, and give it a few months before applying again.

    Thanks for reading and keep up the good work ,
    Diesel & the d3scene.com staff
    Global Moderator, 2009-2010

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