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This is a discussion on How to make a BOT within the Entertainment board part of the General category; OK so I want to make a bot for registracija korisnika Basically I want it to create a free ...

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    Question How to make a BOT

    OK so I want to make a bot for registracija korisnika
    Basically I want it to create a free email on that site.

    I also would like it to enter the captcha (Ekranska šifra) automatically.
    As you can see its a very easy captcha.

    I would like it to ask me for the username and password ( the 1 i want to input) and to save that username and pass into a notepad file by the name Account Info in this order:
    username1 password1
    username2 password2

    You get the drill.
    So I'm interested how to create it and with what tools and if its hard to teach me if you can do it for me. I need it for my personal use.

    OFC if you make it for me you get and and if you teach me something new you will also get and .

    So let me see you coders of D3scene.

    Im using FireFox.
    It would save me and you some time if you could just make it for me.
    But if you have time to make a guide or guide me through the process of making the bot it would be great.
    Anyways either option is good. You dont have to hurry with it. Its more important to me that the bot is good then that its made in a jiffy and fast.
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