Realmlist: set realmlist
Server Core: FrostEmu
Supported Version: 3.2.0a

Magic-WoW is one of the best private servers with more than 4k people online always!
It has a midrate and a lowrate realm. Constant rev updates, Naxxramas and Ulduar fully scripted! S6 furious gear available!

WTS account
with character with uncategorized spells hacked directly from database.
With this powerful spells you are able to kill a boss in less than 20 secs(max).
You'll be able to farm 200k gold in less than an hour and gear up your char with +4.5k gs in less than 1-2 hours!
You won't need to donate ever again to gear up your chars!! and will save almost $300 donation money(for each char you want to gear up) buying this account.

PM me here <> for more info
PS: There are more than one and you can choose between horde and alli, Midrate or Lowrate!