Play Valve, Steam Games on Apple Mac Now

Finally, video game developer and distributor Valve has announced that it will bring its game distribution service Steam and gaming engine Source to the Mac platform. Few of the existing Valve and Steam games like Left 4 Dead 2, Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike, Portal and the Half-life series would be available through Stream for Mac in April.

Recent reports and scanned photos from Game Informer's April issue already indicated that Steam and Valve games are coming for the Mac platform. Portal 2 would be Valve's first game that would be released on PC and Mac platform simultaneously. This game will run natively and won't require any sort of emulation software client. Furthermore, both PC and Mac based gamers can join the same multiplayer environment.

With Steamworks for Mac suite, Valve aims to release all future games simultaneously on Windows, Mac and Xbox 360 platforms. Now, we've to wait and see if any iPhone and iPad specific games would also be introduced.

The Steam Play feature will allow customers to play same games on both the platforms (Mac and PC) for free with the help of Steam Cloud. This means that if a game is purchased for PC then Steam Play with Steam Cloud will allow playing the same game from the same point on Mac system without purchasing it again.

Valve already has a strong market of digital games distribution on PC through its Steam service and bringing existing set of popular games on Mac platform will certainly fetch them brownie points.