Possible New UI, Office Mobile 15, Release Date Implication, and More

Goodbye Office 2010; hello Office 15! After some extensive research, I’ve unearthed enough to confidently say that Office 15 planning is not only under way, but thriving as well. Amongst all the information are implications as to when Microsoft aims for its release, some of what Microsoft is specifically focusing on in their plans, mentions of specific Office 15 applications, services, and more! Follow along as I take you from the earliest mentions of Office 15 back in September 2009 up through to the very latest of what’s floating around from job postings, employee profiles, documents, and more.

  • Office 15 is without a doubt the codename for the next version of Office.
  • 2013 appears to be the magic year Microsoft aims to release the next version of Office.
  • Office Mobile 15 is at the very least a consideration alongside the planning of Office 15.
  • Currently known to be planned for Office 15 inclusion are Outlook 15, Word 15, Access 15, SharePoint 15, and Excel 15.
  • Office 15 will sport a new user interface. How drastic of a change it will be is yet to be determine.
  • Excel 15 may include a “major new feature” completely new to the Office suite, courtesy of Office 15.
  • Improving document coauthoring, a new tool in Office 2010, appears to be a primary focal point for Word 15.
  • Target personas are being researched and defined for Office 15 focus.
  • Office 15 should see an improved Automation Framework.

Source: msftkitchen